Pedagogical Relations and Comments


……on working with Dr. Amanda Morrison……

“Dr. Morrison is a wonderful professor who not only inspires her students to become better musicians, but also cares about each student individually and teaches according to each student’s specific learning abilities.”
Applied Clarinet Student at West Liberty University, Fall 2014-Spring 2016

“Dr. Morrison presented a very challenging Fundamentals of Woodwinds class that as a current music educator, I still refer back to on a frequent basis.  Not only was the information she presented useful, but her high expectations for the class encouraged all of us to delve into the subject manner at an appropriate intensity……Dr. Morrison made sure that all of her students were put in a position where they could succeed.”
Fundamentals of Woodwinds Student at West Liberty University, Fall 2015

“Dr. Morrison is an incredible role model to her students and just truly inspiring. She is passionate about clarinet and teaching it to her students. She dedicates so much time to helping her students achieve excellence. I am so fortunate to have worked with Dr. Morrison and to gain wonderful insight from her.”
Applied Clarinet Student, Spring 2014-Spring 2017

“Our search for a private instructor was not easy. We had searched for a few years.  Our family was looking for someone that was as passionate to teach as our daughter was about learning. We wanted someone that was going to help her achieve her goals.  Dr. Morrison has inspired our daughter to reach beyond what she thought was possible. Her time with Dr. Morrison has become more than a weekly lesson; Dr. Morrison has become a life mentor for our daughter.  Amanda has the true soul of a musician and shares her wealth of knowledge to ensure the art and beauty of music lives on.”
Parent of Applied Student, Spring 2015-Fall 2017


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